Hi, my name is Heather. (awkwardness still exudes even on the internet) I am the mom to 4 amazing (yet sometimes cranky) kids. My daughter and oldest is 13, my other three sons are 12, 3, and 1. Life is a blur somedays and a crawling snail that won’t get moving on others. I love Jesus and I love people.. ALL people. I try to be as authentic as possible and sometimes that gets me into trouble.. but trouble is worth it if I can touch one persons life. I am also a recording artist with Sony/Fairtrade. I have released several albums both with my label and independently. My songs have charted in Billboard, and I even have a write up in Billboard about me.. but that is not something I am too comfortable talking about because I have issues with self worth and sometimes it disguises itself as shy humility… if that is even a thing. I am excited (and a little scared, if i am honest) to share of what I have been able to overcome and will be sharing a lot of that on here with all of you.