Hello my name is Heather….

Hello, my name is Heather Williams…

This seems more like a start to an AA meeting.  Perhaps it should be kind of like that.  Perhaps all of my life interactions should go that way.  Introduce myself and then list all my shortcomings and then extend a proverbial hand out for the other person to shake and respond with “Hi Heather!”    If only life were that simple and that easy to expel from our most inner being the raw truth.   It is what we crave though.  It is at the center of our person, if we are honest.  It is to be accepted and loved right where we are.  Being loved deeply without fear.  This has been my loading for my entire life.

This blog, page, whatever you want to call it, is for me to try and break down some of my own walls and bear with much courage and vulnerability, my fears, failures, and struggles. I hope to in all of that mixed up, shaken and stirred-ness (is that even a word?) that it, in fact, encourages others.  I am hoping it inspires courage to be IN others.  This is why I chose the name INcourageHER.com as my website and blog name.  I want course to be IN us.

So, if you are not afraid to jump into the deep end of my emotional pool and take this journey with me, I invite you to stay tuned to this page and be Encouraged.

I want to leave this first post with this thought.  We all have stories.  Some of us have folded pages that we turn back to in order to relive moments.  Some of those moments are beautiful, but too often they are places of loss, pain, rejection, and all sorts of hurt.  Let’s take those not so “pretty” pages and stop simply re-reading them.  Let’s take them and tell the to others with the intention of encouraging and helping others.  Let’s be brave together.

Hope you all stick around.  My soul bearing begins next week, and I have some really goos stories to tell.


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